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  • Move inventory near the end of a month?
  • Solution: Make your best offers seem time sensitive by running radio ads the last 7 days of the month, but each day change the copy in the commercial to reflect updated prices and inventory. (sample copy)
  • Fight for share of end of month shoppers?
  • Solution: A gift with purchase can be the final straw, tailor them to the audience you are trying to reach: A Home Improvement Gift Card is perfect for truck buyers, advertise on a country radio station or rock station. A spa day could motivate Moms, using an Adult Contemporary radio station.
  • Prove that diesels aren’t the old loud car they once were?
  • Solution: Record a radio commercial while riding inside of or standing right next to a running Diesel powered car.
  • Drive service visits?
  • Solution: Relate to families by pushing the safety issue of using factory trained technicians instead of a local repair shop. Commercials could point out the expertise of your service team and the guarantee of quality parts. Radio commercials during the morning or afternoon drive times reach Mom’s with kids in the car to and from school
  • Stand out among the many auto advertisers?
  • Solution: Radio commercials can be produced and on air very quickly, use commercials that relate to something happening in your city each week. Your customers will know that you are locally managed and community focused by adjusting your script to talk about the weather, local events, schools or local celebrities or citizens in the news. (sample copy)
  • Gain trust in a market?
  • Solution: Use part of your commercials to give free tips, for example how to use a penny to judge the tread level on tires. Tips will help consumers understand that you are willing to help out with no immediate return on investment
  • Introduce yourself as a new dealer in the market?
  • Solution:Donate to a local high school athletic department, and each week choose an athlete of the week. The athlete can be highlighted in radio commercials, and at the end of the year 1 athlete gets to use a new car for Prom.
  • Generate more walk up traffic?
  • Solution: Turn radio station remote broadcast into a community activity: packing lunches for a food bank, collecting school supplies, or tug of war between schools for a prize are all ideas that bring crowds. The more activity on the lot, the more drive by traffic that will stop in.
  • Drive more website traffic?
  • Solution: Work with a radio station to turn your ad on their page into a contest driver. If listeners want to win tickets to a concert, send them to the WXYZ-FM page, and click on your link to find out how to win. Your contest page could also feature internet only specials
  • Motivate your employees?
  • Solution: Consider as added value from your radio partners prizes that can be used as sales incentives or as raffle prizes. Added value doesn't have to be extra spots or web banners or remotes, it could be anything that is valuable to you or your employees.
  • Build a positive reputation as a community partner
  • Solution: span> Partner with a radio station that is doing community service projects for non-profits. Offer to be a drop off site for Toys for Tots or a ticket site for events that raise money for good causes. In addition to being seen as a “Good Guy” in the community, you will increase traffic to the lot.
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